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The Staged Inspection programme consists of 5 separate stage inspections

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  • Base stage: immediately before slab pour.
  • Frame stage: when the frame is complete but before internal wall linings are installed.
  • Lock-up stage: when external windows and doors are installed and the roof is on.
  • Pre-painting stage: when construction is complete including cabinetry, but before painting.
  • Building handover or practical completion: a detailed building inspection will be conducted once the builder is satisfied that the construction process is complete and after a final clean has been undertaken.

This is followed by an optional stage 6 inspection:

  • Building warranty inspection: conducted within 6 or 12 months depending on your state as a follow-up second building handover inspection to detect defects, which your builder is obliged to rectify within warranty period (varies in each state). Note that the 6 year warranty period applies only to structural defects (again this varies in different states)
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